Lion’s Gate Message

Lion’s Gate Message

Lion’s Gate Message 750 375 Christof Melchizedek
Your Lion’s Gate Message

The most precious thing you can do with your time is preparing your field with the right frequency. That is the highest form of productivity, getting energetically aligned. From that space, you can become extraordinary leveraged because you are not operating from the personality of the little i, but the unified WE. There, you harness the power of the collective, of GOD.

It doesn’t get more effective, efficient, and spontaneously precise than the Divine Presence

  • Become the instrument AND the conductor
  • Become collective, not singular
  • Become still, not active
  • Allow not chase
  • Be authentic
  • Be relevant
  • Be true to yourself
  • Forget others opinions
  • Turn up and turn on, then switch off

Play more than you work, but make your work playful

Find your sweet spot where everything else is irrelevant because you are so exceptional. There will never be another YOU, so don’t copy anyone else. Make up your own game, your own rules and own it.

It’s your life, done your way
In service of the divine plan

Ask for everything for everyone, and all will be provided. Remember it’s not about you. It’s about what you can bring to serve others. It’s only through selfless service can the keys to the kingdom of God be given. And it’s only those who hold humility will the doors open. Love yourself completely, it’s the greatest and most important love affair of your life. Then fill everyone else up from the overflow…

Slow down
Remember to breath
The slower you go, the faster life flows

The results are in the emptiness, not in the action. The causation is in the intention, not the thought.

Trust – Surrender – Patience
Virtues of the Gifted, Values of the Great

Prayer is you talking to God, Inspiration is God talking to You. Relevant movement is you listening to God. Know that the divine plan is unfolding exactly as it should, you are exactly where you need to be for the lessons you have come to learn.

Compare yourself not against another, but measured against yourself. Your the only barometer upon which you can measure your progress.

Am I further along my path than yesterday, last week, last month, last decade?
Am I inspiring to my closest beloveds?

  • Do my actions match my values?
  • Do I walk my talk?
  • Am I relevant in my space?
  • Have I mastered what I teach?
  • Am I a superhero to my family, my kids?
  • Am I truly sovereign?
  • Can I influence others?
  • Do I choose to serve truly selflessly? Not from what I can get, but what I can give without expectation of return?
  • Am I leaving it, better than I found it?
  • Is my culture that of excellence?
  • Is my word worth more than a contract?
  • Do I deliver on what I say I will do?
  • Am I reliable?
  • Can I be trusted?
  • Am I all I can be?
  • If I could be remembered for one thing what would it be?

The world is waking up. The collective power of the individual IS over overthrowing the annexed power of the elite. Consciousness is accelerating into the hearts and minds of the masses. The veil is lifting, the illusion dissolving. All will be revealed.

The age of Aquarius and the frequency of the Satya Yuga will leave no stone unturned. All behaviors in the shadow WILL be brought to the light.

Do the inner work and the outer world shines a little brighter. The gains are in the shadows, not the light. It’s shining the light in the shadows that reveal what is holding you back.

Own it – Process it – Transcend it
Rinse and repeat
There are no shortcuts, but there are fast tracks

Work on the totality of your consciousness, all parallel realities, quantum lives, ancestral karma, soul karma, soul contracts, bindings, beliefs, and DNA.

Leave no stone unturned
Honour your parents, by bettering your genes

It’s evolution. Now is your moment, the world awaits, it’s the greatest show in the entire universe. You came to earth to help.

You said yes. I’ll serve the divine plan
I’ll go into 3rd density and be the change. I’ll build the new systems, seed consciousness, help with the ascension plan

Well, now it’s time to serve, play the grandest expression of your version of reality.
Create it from intent.

  • Own it
  • Live it
  • Build your frequency, get energetically aligned
  • The time is now for:
    Timeline transcendence…..
  • A new reality awaits
  • Lions Gate
  • Burn the old, release the past. Embrace the new
  • Hear yourself Roar… Wake up the World