Wrinkle in Time

Wrinkle in Time

Wrinkle in Time 750 375 Sananda Kryst

We would like to share with you the significance of the partial eclipse of August 11th and give you profound insights of the eclipse season. This incredible portal of time began on June 13th; this 3-month wormhole is also known as a wrinkle of time or a forward in the space-time itself. It creates the experiences for your consciousness to have the opportunity to self-review your life, your karmic ties, and the unfinished business or themes that have going on in the external reality.

What does that mean for you? What happens within you and your waking life? When there is a wormhole, there is also a wormhole that exists inside of you in your consciousness. By digging up, you become aware of things that perhaps you have left buried from your childhood and through different times in your life and even in your past lives.

Now is the time for you to step up and become the hero and heroine that you already are

This is the time for great courage and to really allow yourself to go deep within, into the unconscious realm, the pocket realms, the shadow realms that so many people are afraid of going into and yet this is where your jewels are, this is where the lotus that grows from the mud is able to be experienced.

This is a wonderful time for you to be paying attention to your dreams. Information and messages abound, so, we suggest creating a beautiful dream journal where you can start writing down whatever it is that’s happening in the unconscious places while you sleep at night.

On the following video, we explain in great detail more about this 3-month cycle and how every star that is coming into specific alignment or retrograde phase is consistently showing out attributes that you have within. The stars are like aspects of your own consciousness, therefore, anytime they go into a specific face lock or a retrograde cycle, it is reflecting inside you an opportunity for soul growth and spiritual expansion.

This 3-month cycle has really been about going into the Divine Feminine, the Sophionic Consciousness, and explore how the feminine has been suppressed in your life, your emotions, your thoughts, your behaviour, in your relationships with yourself, with others and genuinely reflect about this.

This is extremely important because every time an eclipse comes up, it reboots your consciousness, it gives you an opportunity to go deep inside, reshuffle your deck of cards so to speak, to then draw a new phase or a new cycle or a new hand of opportunities for life. This is the time for you to really be able to create what it is that is in your heart, this is the time for you to consciously become aware of what archetypes in your life are playing out that are not allowing you to fully connect with the ONE Consciousness.

The universe is lovingly, beautifully, conspiring to dismantle all of the energies that no longer serve you so that you can be truly free to not only connect in with the Golden Grids but to fully experience and inperience what the golden grids feel like within, to hold that level of Consciousness not only for a moment, not just during a meditation or during some beautiful ceremonial experience, but to be able to maintain that consciousness.

What is so beautiful is that this is a spontaneous event, you don’t have to try to get there. 

What you have to do is to be courageous, be transparent, be vulnerable and authentic with yourself to see the different aspects that you’ve identified with in your life, the blame game that has projected outside of oneself.  

Going back into a fearless love of absolute authenticity towards yourself and to others

This creates the shortcut through this portal of time into the Golden Aeon, this is a continuous practice and life path. To continually forgive, continually surrender and trust, the key pillars and the primary influences on this path of the masculine and feminine dance that is consistently being orchestrated. That’s what the stars are doing, the celestial bodies are communicating to you inside you, because every single star is inside your physical body, not just your energetic body, but also as part of the skeletal structure, as part of the organ structure and the systems of the body.

When you are in alignment with the stars, you can expand your consciousness and evolve your intelligence to reach a new phase, a new cycle of life. That is what is happening right now, we are beginning a new cycle, ushering you to love yourself fully.

You know you truly love yourself when you can be so fiercely honest with yourself that you can go into the deepest, darkest crevices that might be the most terrifying to look at and still love those places and still love those moments when perhaps you haven’t been what you would consider your most perfect ‘self’ and recognise the perfection even in those moments.

Going deep is what this is all about.

We lovingly invite you to go shadow dancing, explore those cavernous spaces within, so that you can truly find the Primordial Presence of Creation.

That is the Light beyond the Light

We invite you to be still in this moments of change, reflect, bring out the diary of your dreams. This is a great time to reflect on the future you may wish to create and let go of all that is not supporting you. How do you know it’s not supporting you? Because it does not bring you joy, it’s not bringing you inspiration.

Dance the dance of love, the dance of authentic expression that dance of powerful, fearless forgiveness and radical transformation

Allow this dance to continue to spiral you upwards into the vast expansion of your heart’s and soul’s yearning. We love you dearly and honour every step you take in this Cosmic Dance. We wish you the most wonderful Lion’s Gate Portal and partial solar eclipse on the 11th.

Know that you’re going to move through this process and through the storm haul with grace, ease and extreme courage.

With love and in divine service to all life,