Krystalline Regeneration

Krystalline Regeneration

Krystalline Regeneration 750 375 Sananda Kryst

As the portal of Virgo descends from the heavens, the Virgin Divine Mother amplifies her crystalline presence within and throughout all creation to offer this opportunity of Divine Purification and return to innocence. This Krystalline Regeneration Gateway is thus, supporting the upgrades of the biocircuitry of the body with the new Codex of light that is now pulsating within the Universal grids.

As these light packets are in communion with the sign of the Virgin this Energetic transmission on September 2nd will assist in bringing about the immaculate conception for the new crystalline consciousness to awaken within you.

Our dears, it is only through the innocence of a child, that one shall truly enter the kingdom of heaven; It is this very kingdom that awaits discovery within you.

This celestial passage of the Virgin Queen is set for soul advancement and empowered embodiment through purity and innocence.

Beloved Ones, there are many alterations occurring within the Spiritual and in some cases even physical DNA and there are other energies of sentient life returning to this planet.

Considering that the frequency of those lifeforms in arrival are much higher than that of the average human body’s vessel, these light packets are coming in to enable these vibrations to be in loving harmonic communion with one another as ONE.

The HUman race is already experiencing this quantum leap in variants of frequency patterning

This AtOnement Energetic Transmission of Krystalline Regeneration is created in symmetry with the Cosmic Alignments to allow your biocircuitry to be better able to receive, bringing forth harmonic alignment with the stars above and the song-lines below. The Great Virgin Queen shows up this month ever more amplified, while we hold you in a supremely loving embrace as we gently remind you to return to innocence and to your Krystalline Nature.

This gateway has opened to once more serve the children of the Supernal Light through Divine Grace and Love. We thank you for showing up for yourselves in such profound ways through these transmissions and deeply honour the miracles that are happening every day.

We Love you our beloved Earth Angels and Starseeds.