Divine Innerversity

Divine Innerversity

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Blessings Beloved Heart,

Your patience has payed off and the wait is finally over…

On this Sacred 10/10 portal and manifestation gateway, we Initiate and commence IODP’s first ever FREE membership, where the teachings of Liberation are Highlighted and every pathway upon this golden light platform is dedicated to the transcendence of your physical genetics through the Teachings of Liberation.

This day is known in ancient circles as the day of manifestation and is a day where your heart’s wishes are heard by the universe and set in Divine motion to be absolute free from disease, suffering and all negative karmas.

We have created the Signature Teachings of Synthesis of Liberation for you to become students of the entire Universe within your body and learn how each planet and solar system is within you, where they are located and the significance each one plays in every aspect of your life

Join us on this very auspicious day that has been long awaited in our one heart to be able to bridge this profound level of innerstanding and reveal the hidden Holy Science of Liberation.

We will be sharing an audio about the significance of this 10/10 portal and how it played a major role in the birthing of our life mission as teachers of Liberation.

Stay tuned…

Until then, please enjoy the bountiful blessings of these teachings. The sole purpose of this divine science is to provide a way to transcend human suffering, karmic conditioning and all limitations of the mind in order to attain liberation and enlightenment.

Many on the path are drowning in knowledge but remain thirsty for wisdom. These Holy teachings will quench the thirst for all who are waiting to drink from the fountain of truth that is like sweet nectar to the pure of heart.

To sign up to the FREE membership click on the link below.

If you are member of the Divine Membership, you don’t need to sign up to the free membership as you’ll have access to this Divine teachings clicking on Innerversity on the dashboard.

May you enjoy

With love and reverence for all life,