11:11 Transceiver Codex Emerging into the Aeon of Universal Love

11:11 Transceiver Codex Emerging into the Aeon of Universal Love

11:11 Transceiver Codex Emerging into the Aeon of Universal Love 750 375 Sananda Kryst
11:11 Transceiver Codex – Emerging into the Aeon of Universal Love

Blessings our beloved Starseeds on another Divine Portal of Higher Self Activation,

Tomorrow’s 11:11 double gateway holds the two pillars of life in one bond of conscious expression. The 11:11 codex of light is a frequency particulation that occurs outside the solar system that is now being broadcasted to the Earth Plane. It is a portal that opens for one to take time to give gratitude and be of Divine Service to God; it is a phenomenal gateway into the inner Sanctuary of the Divine Self.

The number one is an extension from the physical into the non-physical world. It acts as an antenna to bridge consciousness into manifest form. The double 11 is a gateway for spiritual communication to emerge and encounter the more expansive aspects of one’s Divine Self. In Union, the two energies of the 11:11, the double pillars of light, communicate and create the perfected circuitry to the Divine Masculine and Feminine as an equilateral and eternal connection in the stars.

As the solar system travels through the Stargate to the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, the Grand Central Sun will conjunct to the Galactic Center where the black hole resides. The black hole as it is known is also the black sun. The black hole is alchemically where creation takes place and returns through itself back to Source Point. As this happens in the macrocosm, this is also a symbolic transit of one’s liberation when the Sun Wheels (chakras) start producing black holes. (We will share more information like this on our free IODP membership portal where our signature teachings of Liberation are Housed.)

This communion between the Sun and The Black Sun (white hole & blackhole), thus has the potential to illuminate levels of consciousness where creation and expansion become the manifested expression upon the Earth, and light balances its counterpoint of darkness

As all cosmic markers in time are reflected in the stars, the true resonance and meaning are always pointing to the Liberation process.

Through the increase in solar flares, geo-storms, earthquakes and the shifting of the magnetics, the frequentness of rapid movement allows one’s consciousness to increase with the same level of speed and precision as the spinning of the electrons and will have a significant impact on the DNA receptors.

This spiritual upliftment is profound and this portal of time into timelessness is where great discoveries can be pre-sensed, as for this one moment in time all is held and supported as equal. Our Solar system has been imbued and is now teeming with magnificent Photonic Light. The 2,000-year cycle through the gamma waves and photon belt brings forth and maps in the Stars the conception of A Golden Aeon of Universal Consciousness.

This 11:11 codex reflects the cities of light in the Heavens as the Brilliant photons of light will continue to move into the Earth plane and elevate the vibration from a 4th density into a 5th density

This celebration of brilliant photonic Light is currently being witnessed and felt in India as the Festival of Diwali which began on the 7th, and during five days this year, the 11:11 portal exalts this celebration. Diwali or Dipavali is the Hindu festival of Light, is spiritually symbolic of the triumph of Light over darkness, of wisdom over ignorance. What is truly profound is that through this 11:11 connection with the Black Hole and The Grand Central Sun, the communion of light and dark does indeed become ONE. The Diwali celebration usually falls on the darkest new moon night, also known as Amavasya.

To prepare to receive this light, it is customary to clean your home and workspace of any old physical clutter. From the perspective of the internal universe within each beloved who participates, taking such action helps to release the clutter from the unconscious mind and allows the inner lamps to light up. This celebration is also in honor of the Hindu Goddess of Wealth and Abundance, Divine Lakshmi Ma, where gold and silver are placed around her, candles, and decorated lamps are lit to pay great homage and send prayers for these reflections of light to pour into the lives of each soul.

This is the time of year when the 11:11 Stargate opens to bring in the ascended worlds of light. Where the perfected universes are able to broadcast into this solar system and remind all of the potentials that await at the completion of this cycle upon Earth. On this blessed occasion, there is an opportunity to experience stillness and a more significant connection with the Divine Plane.

Seeing the code 11:11 activates a seeding of consciousness beyond the Human Realms and into the Master Frequencies, experiencing the portal of this exact geometry upon the Earth infuses these light packets into the Planetary Grids and into the cells of each being upon Gaia. This allows the brain to receive an upgrade in the neural network and open passages for the energy to flow to access a greater spiritual connection

We lovingly invite you to join us on this Divine moment of 11/11 to celebrate and presence this grand portal of time into timelessness.

May you always feel the in-spirit of life and possibility as we all come together to balance the light and the dark and bring great harmony to the human race, to the animal kingdom, to all sentient life, to the planet, to the universe and beyond.

Sending you infinite blessings of love of grace,