The Inner Alchemy of Palm Sunday

The Inner Alchemy of Palm Sunday

The Inner Alchemy of Palm Sunday 750 375 Sananda Kryst
Holy Week Begins – The Inner Alchemy of Palm Sunday

Blessings our Beloved One,

We are now moving closer to a monumental moment that reoccurs each year in Earth’s grand storyline; thus, this is the case within your physical biology and biochemistries. As the portal opens, this is the perfect opportunity to share with you even more of the great wisdom bestowed to us.

What we shall be communicating in this blog are in-depth truths of decoded information about what took place prior to the Easter Holiday. We shall also give credence and association with what occurred before the crucifixion, or the multiplication of Christ, and how it relates to each and every human being.

It is important to note to better innerstand the account and alchemy of Jesus/Yeshua we would like you to consider one idea.

For one moment let us propose that when we share the sacred stories of Jesus/Yeshua, for these purposes, we are speaking of the story of YOU allegorically – Yes U Are (Yeshua). We shall clarify, this does not mean that we are saying or implying that you are the personification of Yeshua or have attained Christhood. What we are saying is that fundamentally at the very core of your being you are IT. Whatever you choose to define “IT” as, is up to you, but for the sake of simplicity, we use the word, God.

God is the undescribable essential Spirit within and throughout all beings and all sentient life seen and unseen. However, unless you have completely awakened, ascended and are fully embodied at this level of consciousness, you still have the karmic path to walk and the alchemical process to master within. This karmic path to walk ends when the YOU that you think you are has completely dissolved. All that remains is the pure awareness of silence and the unshakeable Glory of God.

The story of Yeshua (Yes U Are) perfectly exemplifies the inner alchemy necessary to ascend and fully embody Christ Consciousness. This is not the literal story of who you are; however, it is the alchemical story of progress for everyone on the path of Enlightenment & Liberation. 

Lazarus Raised From the Dead

The day before the “Great Triumph” and start of the Holy Week, a dear one of Yeshua’s had fallen ill and had passed through the planes of physical death. His name was Lazarus and he lived in Bethany, less than two miles from the Holy City of Jerusalem. Lazarus, having been entombed for four days, was considered deceased. Yeshua spoke to his disciples and changed their course of action to visit the deceased Lazarus and family. Upon arrival, Yeshua said to Martha “Your Brother will Rise Again”.

Once Yeshua entered the tomb, he called out in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth!”

This man: recently passed, emerges from his tomb with his hands and feet wrapped with strips of linen, and a cloth around his face. It was so, the words spoken had come to pass. Lazarus had risen from the dead.

Written in The Gospel of John 11:25, Yeshua’s words once spoken have become legacy and mantra in the hearts and souls of the many who have followed through the centuries. But what do these words really mean?

In brief, once you truly innerstand and know how to ascend the Christ within you, it is only then that you are able to Re-Member the Christ Consciousness as the eternal spring and alchemical sustaining presence of your physical biology and Supreme Self. These spoken words become a powerful conviction of Divine Truth that leads to everlasting life

“I Am the Resurrection and the Life, He who believes in me will live, even though he dies. And Everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.”

John 11:25

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is known historically as the Triumphal Entry where Yeshua rides a donkey into the town of Jerusalem. While Yeshua rode into town, Palm branches were laid beneath the feet of the donkey carrying Yeshua as an honouring to God and to cushion their journey forth. It is for such reason that Palm Sunday is celebrated by the blessing and distribution of palm branches to represent the crowd paying homage to The Christ as he rode into Jerusalem.

Metaphysical & Inner Alchemy of Palm Sunday

If you have been participating in the monthly AtOnement Transmissions AND have joined the LIVE Mystery School Class, you will know how the internal process of Ascension maps directly into the biochemistries and biology of the human vessel, the astrology and the scriptures.

If you have not, then what is about to be shared may be of surprise. Ultimately, it is certain to be a revelation, as truth resonates deep within and is inperienced at the cellular level.

The last Saturday of Every month (offered through the Divine Wisdom Tier of the Membership) we uncover mysteries and decode the narratives, events and mythologies that have occurred on the world stage, the scriptures of MANY cultures, some of the alchemical cycles that occur in the physical body upon Genetic Liberation and connect the golden threads of all. Last week, we shared that the Sacred Scriptures can be read four different ways and hold four different perceptions depending on one’s level of consciousness.

The first level of perception is read in a literal manner. The second level of perception is astrological. The third level of perception is alchemical. And, the fourth level is transcendental.

It is important to share with you that for reasons unnecessary spoken, we are certain that these events did occur to some level of written accuracy. However, beloved, these stories are not only to be taken literally and we do respect the written narrative account according to the scriptures. It is that we see the multidimensional expression of Truth disclosed in the written words. As an example, we shall share a bit about the mysterious decoding of the Palms, psalms or prayers and how this occurs inside of your body through the allegory of the events forming Palm Sunday and Holy Monday before Easter.

Allegorical and Alchemical: Palm Sunday

We shall begin with “The Great Triumph“, Palm Sunday, where the palms represent the holy prayers/mantras offered to silence the mind to awakening God within.

When taking a good look at the Palm Tree, you may notice that all of the branches reach for the Heavens. The Palms themselves all make an offering of life to God. The Prayers or Psalms of the tree are sung to immortalize the eternal presence of God in every moment, dedicating its entire existence to the Glory of Life

Internally, the Palm Tree represents the spine and the many chakras that fountain at the top of the crown. The palm tree offers a significant medicine to the Divine. It works as a vortex to take out any impurities within your body/mind/emotions. If you ever feel out of alignment, there is a powerful technique that you can use by simply sitting with your spine against the Palm tree and within minutes any lower energies in your being will be pulled out of your auric field.

Through Genetic Liberation, once you activate the internal fountain of youth: which is depicted by the palm trees geometry. There is only to live every moment as an offering to God. For, God is all that is known.

Holy Monday the Cleansing of the Temples

The day after Palm Sunday, Yeshua went to the temple for prayer and he noticed that the temples have “turned into a den of thieves” and begins to cleanse the temples of all Sin.

In the Greek Lexicon, Sin or Syn Means missing the mark. In Mesopotamia, Sin was also a moon goddess who represented the ability to see far beyond the visible and was a protector of shepherds.

As Yeshua cleans out the temple or temples within the brain, this speaks into cleansing of all thoughts, beliefs and perceptions based in duality that miss the mark of Oneness. Until your thoughts are of pure love and mind has become still, your lower mind will act as a thief to your heart’s truth of Unity.

Consequently, you will always miss the mark because your mind is distracting you from being focused on the love within your heart’s centre. The internal Alchemy process teaches you how your mind can rewire itself to become one with the Christed mind. This process is also known as the “cleansing of the temples”

There is also a powerful internal activation that occurs through particular phases of the moon/sun that increases sight and activates light beyond normal vision. There is MUCH more to this. We shall dive deeper into this allegory in our Mystery School Class through the Divine Wisdom Tier of the membership, as we will do the last Saturday of every month.

Each Day through the events leading up to Easter has a significant alchemical process within your biology. This occurs in the biochemistry of the Holy Temple that is your body and it also represents specific parts of your body that produce the sacred substances that Liberate your genomes and the soul from samsara (wheel of life) back to Source point.

This our beloved, is the third and fourth way to read the scriptures and interpret the Sacred Text through Ascension Alchemy.

To learn more, join us and our Divine Wisdom community membership for a disclosure on this entire period of time and how it relates to your path back hOMe.

Times approaching are prophetic and we shall be sharing more about this holy part of the year as it relates to the inner journey of your own Ascension and Liberation.

With great reverence and joy for life,