Day of Beltane

Day of Beltane

Day of Beltane 750 375 Sananda Kryst
Homage To The Great Earth Mother That Sustains You

? May Day Blessings Family of Light, on this most celebratory day of fertile abundance ?

It is an auspicious time of the year. We are honoring the original earth festivals by currently traveling through Italy and France’s synchronic lines and Templar grids revisiting the sacred lands of the Druids, Celts, Essenes and the many magical beings who have left a grand legacy of Truth and ritual.

We shall be updating you with our personal journeys within the coming days. For now, it is the time to give homage to the Great Earth Mother that sustains you, as we all walk upon her living body and drink of her sacred waters. We invite you to really take a moment, breathe and give gratitude for your life and for the Supreme Creator that sustains you.

Today commences the celebration of fertility for the Earth. This is a time where the Goddess is impregnated with the infinite potential of creation and the seed of God is realized. It is a celebration of the birthing of new crops, new relations, handfasting for mates of the Soul and remembering the old ways of the Mother Divine. This day honors both the masculine and feminine spirit in this world, the potency of the physical vessel as it has been in its most expressed form, and the knowledge of the body held deep within its waters of wisdom.

Within the celestial light of this solar sabbath, there is a gateway that opens to usher in more love, more connection and a deeper in-spirit of Union.

This May shall inspire another wave of communion for all beings, as the stars continue to reflect the incoming frequencies to support the Year of Divine Order

The great celebration and ancient practice of carrying the maypole into a hole dug within the Earth represents the masculine connecting with the feminine as the spirit connects with matter. The celebration is a colourful one with beloveds dressed in celebratory masks and costume showing reverence and festive love for the rituals that bring the spring into the full breath of life.

The festival is often commenced by a sacred marriage that occurs where the bride and groom represent the cosmic lovers uniting in the high heavens bridged upon the Earth. The pole is decorated with flowing ribbons, garlands of flowering greenery and often has specific carvings of ancient runes and sacred symbols. The dance around the maypole is a ceremonial dance and rite of spring that honors the ancient celebrations to ensure the fertility of the crops for the season, and seeding of the continuation to produce more offspring on the lands. ???

For many, the day of Beltane is a distant remembrance, that may be far removed from the innerstanding on one’s current reality. And yet, whether one is physically present or even aware of it, a celebration like this where thousands gather in purity and clear intent on a high holiday of glorious celebration for Planet Earth holds the potential to set the tone for the collective mind and heart.

Weaving the tapestry of conscious medicine and magic with the elements and elemental spirits is a powerful way to embody the sacred feminine fertility and masculine potency of the mind and body. Performing ritual on this day is powerful medicine to bring in love and abundance for all life.

The wisdom of the ages and the ways of the Great Goddess paved the path for the Monotheistic religions, their celebrations and rituals that are still practiced en masse to this day.

As we travel through the ages of consciousness by visiting the many cultures and soils by which the Earth that presently shares of her resources has been built upon, we see the faces of the ancestors, the Great Ones who shed their skins to birth the new lands and the plethora of souls that chose to walk upon the Earth to create a culture rich and plentiful for their grandchildren.

On this day, we not only wish to share of the Earth Mother and her ways, but we hold ALL who have given off their service in reverence as time recedes upon itself to birth a new era of the Golden dawn

With Infinite Love and Blessings, we bid you “adieu” and shall share more of our blessed journey through these lands in the coming days. May the glory and the bloom of the lotus birth forth infinite rays within your sacred and plentiful heart.

In Love and together as one Heart ❤️?